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Minggu, 25 Desember 2016

Lirik lagu Creep 99 Rob $tone

Creep 99 Rob $tone lirik lagu:

{Verse 1}

Now I know y'all stupid lil hoes
Know a nigga like me
Don't like to smoke [?] no more
Damn [?] Stone
How you stay so G?
Bitch a nigga don't know why he get so low
Don't sip no more
Just smoke my dope
Tab in the grass where the [?] grow
I been rollin up [?] by the pack
You sitting there tryna keep tabs on my plans lil hoe
I flexed in from the west side of the grid
Damn since a kid had to make my ends
Had to skip class for the cash
Gotta move fast so the [?] don't get that ass
I swear man we so ignorant
Killing shit
Might wife your bitch
Dirty ass [?] fucking cash
I like to live fast
Stay posted to your bitch
Fall back
Gotta [?] no [?] good grass
Lurkin in the [?] just to get fast cash
[?] the fuck nigga if he think he out to get my ass
Run a muck
Nigga coz my whip be zippin
Kickin ass
Im shipping, sipping purple pass
Purp and slurring [?]
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