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Rabu, 27 Juli 2016

Lirik lagu Absolomb Periphery

Absolomb Periphery lirik lagu :

Reputations made
I failed to save
The cold I seek is all I'll feel
Today I'm selling mine after all
Watch it all fade away to gray
I sold it to rule the world
If only I could rescue you
Cleaning up the mess we've made
It's not the same without your love

Do you care at all?
I don't see a difference
Is this love at all?
We stayed so close in this life at one time
Now I watch as you fade away
Behind the wall of hate inside your mind
Will we meet again?
I'll be waiting beyond the edge
Forever frozen
Now time stops again

[Solo: Mansoor]

I've found that it's all gone
The absence within us grows
Illuminate the way we choose to flow

Do you care at all?
I don't see the difference
Is this love at all?

I hold one last feeling of hope
Our paths will meet again
Beyond the edge
Frozen forever
Time stops now
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